‘Debugging’ Sore Throat

When I get a really bad sore throat, I like to drop some propolis tincture directly on my affected area. I lean my head back with my mouth wide open and pour a few drops of propolis tincture directly on the affected spots. I do this tree times or more per day (depending on how bad the sore throat is). The propolis tincture is a mixture of propolis extract and food-grade alcohol. Propolis is collected from tree sap and various other plants by honeybees. It contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals and is believed to be an antioxidant as well. Because of the alcohol, the taste and the feeling on the throat are not very pleasant, but for sure I like it much better than the sore throat itself. Now, there are also propolis tinctures without alcohol available. I didn’t try any yet, but they probably have the same effectiveness. Some people ingest propolis by adding it in tea or on a piece of bread. I like to do it directly on the spot and also in tea with honey.

More help

When I have a sore throat (also flu or cold), to accelerate the healing process I like to prepare a special lemonade. The special lemonade is a mixture of lemons (some time I like to put also some lemon peel from organic lemons), fresh ginger, honey and water of course. I put all the ingredients in blender and the special lemonade is done. Wish you a quick recovery.

Special Lemonade – Step by step instructions

1) Get all the ingredients you need:

Special Lemonade - Ingredients

Special Lemonade – Ingredients

  • lemons: the number of lemons you’ll use is up to your choice; better to use organic lemons so you can use the peel too, if you want
  • fresh ginger, again organic is better
  • natural honey; the darker, the better; if you have with propolis or polen even better
  • tap water
  • garlic, if you can handle it
  • propolis tincture, if you want; not needed if the honey has already in it
  • a blender

2) Peeling the Ginger

Special Lemonade - The Ginger

Special Lemonade – The Ginger

  • You don’t need too much ginger, it has a really powerful flavor

3) Lemons

Special Lemonade - The Lemons

Special Lemonade – The Lemons

  • 3 medium lemons should be enough for 1,5 liters water
  • Wash the lemons if they are organic, and if you decide to put them with the peel (cut only the two-ends like in the picture)
  • If you don’t have organic, peel them
  • Cut them in half

4) Garlic ( if you can handle it)

Special Lemonade - The Garlic

Special Lemonade – The Garlic

  • You don’t need to put too much garlic because it has a really powerful flavor aswell (one clove of garlic should do it)
  • Peel it

5) Blending

  • Put the ginger, lemons, garlic, tap water, honey and propolis tincture into the blender and mix them until they are well smashed
Special Lemonade - All Ingredients in Blender

Special Lemonade – All Ingredients in Blender  

Special Lemonade

Special Lemonade

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